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The top-rated Cub Cadet from Home Depot is perfect for the weekend warrior with up to two acres of land. I couldn't imagine doing it all with a riding mower. It cuts around 2 acres an hour or about twice as fast as the finish mower I used to drag behind my Kubota . In this list we’ve got covered the very best riding lawn mowers for 2 acres. plus the mower is just falling apart so I need a better option. The main reason we sell commercial grade 50” or smaller mowers is because of gates in yards. If you have any big plans for gardening, landscaping, ect outside then you are probably going to find yourself unhappy with a basic riding mower. You might even have Large mower decks generally allow you to finish faster. Essentially you get what you pay for, the high end machines are built better, stronger and will last longer. These are all good ideas. I need to start shopping for a tractor and brush mower to maintain a field at our place.

For smaller piece of property and a non-riding mower, I bought a DR mower for 5 acres. For under 3 acres a cub cadet is ok and much cheaper. A Z42 zero-turn riding mower at 6 mph (top speed is 7 mph) can mow one acre of turf in 29 min. The expression goes along with 'size determines how fast a job gets done and seldom whether it can be done. 2. 1 acres per hour: 46 inch If you are searching for best zero turn mower for 2 acres yard then you are on right place because you will find the best and affordable mowing machine for making your lawn care process easy. With that much space you're bound to need a tractor for other projects If it were all flat I would get a zero turn for sure. I also have a rear blade for the snow and to maintain my gravel driveway, as well as a 5ft tiller for gardening. Medium (2) Small (31) Zero Turn Lawn Mower Buyer's Guide: How to Buy a Zero Turn Lawn Mower. Find The Right Riding Lawn Mower With decks that support cutting swaths generally measuring 42 to 54 inches (106.

Over 1. 5 acres. She has a large pond with steep banks that I have to mow as well. Deck Size. For this acreage, you’ll need an 18 – 24 HP engine. Join us on the journey to find your ultimate mowing machine. The engine should be 14 – 16 HP. Five acres is big plot to keep mowed! The Home Depot has so, so many options for you to choose, I think Cub Cadet is a very reputable brand and has tremendous customer loyalty, so I suggest this riding mower. It's not too steep. 5 Acres? Well, now the lawn is starting to grow like crazy and I need to figure out the best way to manage my 2.

deck size for your needs. Shop our selection of 1/2 - 2 Acres, Zero Turn Mowers in the Outdoors Department at The Home Depot. Large zero turn and out front deck machines are also ideal for large lawns and gardens of 2 acres plus. 5 acres with my 42" mower in just under 2 hrs. Smaller mower decks generally offer more agility for mowing smaller properties. So residential-duty a mower with a 54-inch deck can mow up to 4. 5-2 acres of chopped up rough hillside that I attempt to mow a handfull of times a year. Re: Best riding mower for rolling land and 6 acres? I've got a Scag ZTR with a 61" deck. The Best Riding Mowers For Large Acreage Homes Up To Two Acres Of Land. Information on all of the aspects of what zero turn mowers have to offer and how you can choose the right one.

All good suggestions. It’s time to turn away from gas and towards the RYOBI 48V Zero Turn Electric Riding Mower. And if you have several acres that you routinely mow, then the Spartan RZ Pro with a 48” deck may not be sufficient enough to get your property mowed in a timely manner. A good starting point for a medium-sized yard – an acre to an acre and a half — is a 42” mower. It works well for lawns up to 2 acres and all the manufactures make both quality machines and economy lawn tractors in this size. 1 - 2 acres — For yards in this size range, a riding lawn mower with a 42" or 46" deck and an engine in the 14 - 16 HP is necessary. 2-blade deck My old place's yard was about 1/3 acre and full of obstacles and hills. Best Lawn Mower for 3 Acres. Here is a mowing calculator you can use. Best Lawn Mower for 2.

Wasn't flat so I didn't get bored, grins. To know what size you need, divide the mower deck size by 12 to get an approximation of the acreage the mower can handle. Mower deck adjustment has built-in memory so the operator can easily return to the desired cutting height after raising the deck. Estimate how much turf can be mowed in an hour, in square feet and acres, based upon mower width and mower speed. This mower weighs in modestly at 340lbs and can handle a half-acre to possibly 2 acres. 5 acres taken care of by a pro I think it's much wiser to sacrifice the time and do it myself. Mowers Direct product experts walk you through the different grades of zero turn lawn mowers and what features to look for in each grade of ZTR. Zero-turn mowers come in a range of mower deck widths and engine sizes. Even 2 acres is a pretty good amount of ground to keep looking halfway decent. Just be sure your gates, access routes, and equipment storage areas are wide enough to accommodate the overall mower deck width, which is normally several inches wider than the mowing width.

S0 it would take you around 5 hours to cut not counting refuel We recommend a riding lawn mower (or even a push mower if you’re up for it). If the 42 inch, 2 bladed decks: About 1 acre per hour. A small, 1/2-acre lawn is suited to a deck size of 40 inches or fewer. We still recommend the riding lawn mower. Low maintenance: no belts, spark plugs, or filters Battery operated: no gas or fumes, charge and go Up to 2 hours of runtime: up to 2 acres per charge Dual high powered brushless motors Quiet cutting Cruise control, USB charging LED headlights12 position manual deck adjustment 38 in. We have searched the internet and put together a comprehensive list of zero turn mower reviews. Store Finder Mower Size. I have a 2 acres to mow. It has the ability to maneuver around compact and tight areas because of the smaller size, but the 30 in. I also mow my grandmother's 5 acre lawn.

That equates to about 13 acres in an average 8 hour working day. As a general guide depending on the kind of lawn and other topography features, here is a rough guide to lawn size and mower type: Riding mowers: up to 1 acre. This is important because mower recommendations are partially depending on your lawn size which is often measured in feet square. 5 gallon fuel tank on the mower saves the user from continual refills and the 15-inch front tires and 20-inch tires in the back keep the mower stabilized. I guess it depends on how much time you want to spend on the mower and how often you want to cut it. Whenever you are shopping for a new lawn mower, deck size is always going to be one of the primary considerations. The mower has 1. 2 Filter by User: How big a tractor to farm 20 acres Our expression around here that they all do pretty much the same work is well worn but is still a pretty good idea to start with. 42 to 46: Perfect for lawns greater than 1-2 acres. (Is your yard very hilly or do you have to mow 5 acres every week.

I used a push mower and broke it up into 2 or 3 sessions (usually quit when it would run out). . under $2000, look at craftsman. An adjustable cutting capacity, up to two inches, ensures the mower can be used for a variety of yard maintenance demands What to consider before buying a zero turn mower. 5 acres? Also does anyone have any reviews for comments on the Ferris zero turn mowers, i am looking at the IS500Z 21hp with 48" cut. The John Deere Z335E zero turn mower delivers a cleaner, fast, and high quality cut every time. The Zoom 42 is perfect for mowing yards with covered area up to 2 Acres. I have picked mowers for lawns of all sizes in this list. Right now it's full of Queen Anns Lace and other woody garbage. There are 4 distinct classes of ZTR mowers.

Severity of use. I mow about 2-3 of the acres every couple of weeks. After looking into what it would cost to have my 2. I mow my 4. Zero Turn Mower Buying Specifications 2a. For properties over 5+ acres you really are going to need a full-sized farm tractor set up mow. You’ve come to the right place! I’ve compiled eight of the best zero turn mower reviews so you’ll know just the right one to get for your specific lawn needs! If this is your first time looking into z-turns, then you can read further about it below, otherwise you can go ahead and skip to the zero-turn mower reviews section! I can do our 2. I used to mow 5 acres of lawn with an old craftsman riding mower with no problemo. I was more than a little sick of dealing with carbs so I went with EFI for the new place. Added benefit is all the attachments you can use.

Speed and Maneuverability. 25 miles per hour. How Much Mower Does Your Lawn Need? Your lawn size and terrain, not the amount of time you want to spend mowing, should dictate your mower size. 18 acres per hour. Do you really plan to mow all of that? Dr. I can cut it all in under 2 hours. Powered by 75 Ah Batteries and 4 High-Powered Brushless Motors, this mower can cut up to 2. 85 acres in Amity, OR of which maybe 1/4-1/3 acre of it is flatish lawn area and about 1. Mower Width: Mower Speed: What size mower tractor for 40 acres of pasture Field Mowers Brush Cutters Field Mowers Brush Cutters I recently purchased 80 acres (40 Woods & 40 of pasture) and I am going back and forth between a finish mower & a bush hog. Find how many acres per hour you can mow.

If you're still not sure what size lawn mower you need, don't worry – our team is here #2: Ariens 915223 Review Homeowners looking for an affordable zero turn mower could be impressed by the Ariens 915223. Smaller yards are the best candidates for electric push mowers, because you can easily cover the area on a single battery charge. (2. I can cut it in 45 minutes if i really need to. But you may not know how to pick a riding lawn mower. 5 cm) to 4 in. If you have less than 2 acres to mow weekly, a residential zero turn mower is for you. The mower weighs in at 598 pounds and measures 72. Deck size is one of the most important things to look out for while buying a zero-turn mower. Pizza was pretty blunt on the numbers.

Less than 2 acres. There are 48" wide mowers with 20 HP engines for around $1000 and there are ones for $4000. The 42 inch riding mowers tend to be popular for this acreage range. Expect to pay over $1,000 for a new high-quality mower. They feature bigger tires for a smoother rid, bigger front casters for better maneuverability, welded fabricated deck and a 22-horsepower to 27-horsepower engine. What is the best mower for 2. 5 acres per hour. Best Choice: Electric Push Mower. I have several obstacles to mow around and can still get it done in a little over two hours. Depends on the size of the They have a deck size in the range of 42-inches to 60-inches and can deal with a lawn that is about 2-acres to 6-acres.

Whether that is a standalone rider or a pull behind tractor attachment is up to your personal preference. 2 . It's designed to comfortably handle yards from 2 to 3 acres. This size lawn is typical of cut the size of the yard down to about 1/4 acre, then you can ride more, I mow 2 times a week in the hot summer, I have a small yard ( have had big ones and learned ) the gas and time to mow is not bad, I can mow it in 1 hr and weedeat another 1/2 hour spraying once every 5 weeks, some years I threaten to spray the yard because it is so needy. They'll do about 7. 5 acre lawn. I have 3-4 acres that I cut with a 5' brush hog behind my Ford 1715 that takes a couple of hours every couple of months. For 3 acres you need a 48" -54" mower deck and a quality machine to last a while. Presently the mower I am using is a Craftsman with a 25 hp Kholer engine. 64-cm) increments for excellent cut quality and performance.

46 inch, 2 bladed decks: About 1. There weren't a lot of mid-size tractors manufactured through the late fifties up to the seventies, so the vast majority of used tractors in this size are at least twenty-five years old. A friend at work as a cub cadet for 5 acres and it does great. A larger deck size means you will be able to cut your grass in fewer passes, which will save you time and money. For example: Troy-Bilt WC33 420cc 33-inch Wide Cut RWD Lawn Mower. 5 Acre Yard? We're gettIng ready to move to a yard that has a yard around 2. Likewise, a riding mower may be the right choice for a half-acre yard if you are unable to walk easily behind a mower. Shop our selection of 1/4 - 1/2 Acre, Push Lawn Mowers in the Outdoors Department at The Home Depot. 2 acres per hour. FRIGG I LOVE MY MOWER!!!! How to choose the right tractor for you! Buying right the first time! Save $$ - Duration: 11:49.

33 to 41: Ideal for working on small lawns. Garden tractors: up to 3 acres RM480e Electric Riding Lawn Mower. 5 acres? The land is mainly flat with a long incline and one point. If your yard is around 2 acres, a lawn mower with a 46 inches deck will allow you to be done in a decent amount of time. 5 acres under $2000. (10. 5” x 46” overall. It is among my top riding lawn mower for 5 acres. Timothy Dahl. They may come a little smaller but not much.

Also, if you have a fence, a bigger mower might not fit through the gate in the first place. The manufacturer will generally specify the most suitable deck specifications for your specific requirements. RIDING MOWER DECK SIZE COMPARED TO YARD SIZE ½ - 1 Acre The 42” deck would be appropriate 1 – 2 Acres The 42” or 46” deck would be sufficient 2 – 3 Acres The 46”, 50” or 54” deck would get the job done quicker RIDING MOWER DECK SIZE AND TIME SAVINGS Homeowners with larger lawns may benefit from Two acres is not a huge time expenditure but you do have to get a damn good mower. Lay of your Land: If you have a flat yard that spreads out over 7 acres, the sky is the limit on the size of the mower you can use. There are also many other available features to consider, which means that you should be able to find your best lawn mower for 3 acres to 5 acres without sacrificing the bells and whistles that can make the job a breeze. I mow 2 acres of my land for lawn. . 3 mph ground speed can mow one acre of turf in 37 minutes. The Husqvarna lawn mower has a 52-inch cutting width, making it best suited for large landscapes over 2 acres. Angie's List Answers is the trusted spot to ask home improvement and health questions and get answers from service companies, health providers and consumers.

single blade mowing deck isn’t going to give you a super fast or wide mow. Mowing Calculator. I have owned multiple Toro's, a Snapper, a John Deere, and two Honda's and the latest Honda models are the best. A mower that is perfect for your neighbor may not be the right one for you. The 2. The wider the deck, the more grass you A 60" WB mower at 3. The performance of this ZTR lawn mower is excellent and the whole mechanical build is strong there have been no reported issues in that regard. Mower deck cutting height adjusts from 1 in. You can have anything from a quarter acre to 5 acres and have it all mowed by a single mower. 8” x 49.

2 acre lawn with a 48" ZTR mower. Stoney Ridge Farmer 93,599 views How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower for Your Yard. For a small space of 0. A riding mower just doesn't have the horse power or the range to handle that much lawn without it taking hours! Invest the money and get the tractor. Inputs. I thought I would try to mow it 2 or 3 times a year to cut down on the weed seeds. Here are the main deck size variations present in different zero turn lawn mowers: 1. 2 centimeters) in width, riding lawn mowers are considered a solid, time-saving choice for those who routinely mow yards measuring a half-acre or more in size, as well as for those with hilly or rough terrain to maintain. 5 to 1 acre, a 42-inch deck size would be ideal while for a yard or garden of 2 to 3 acres, you will be better off with a deck size of 48 inches, 54 inches or even 60 inches. Due to their size and cost they are almost exclusively used by people with very large gardens, or for maintenance of public spaces such as parks or golf courses.

We are lucky to have so many on line community gardening experts, let see if any one else has a suggestion Residential zero turn mowers are an affordable option for the person who wants a zero turn to cut their own yard every week. It was a special order because I wanted the steel deck to be of a heavier gauge metal. Capable of heavy-duty mowing but slightly smaller, this unit is a bit easier to maneuver around obstacles. 5 acres isn't too much for a 48" mower. 7 to 137. Greater than 54 inches - Lawn mowers with a deck size greater than 54 inches would be overkill on a small to medium yard, but if you have more than 2 acres to mow, the time savings are significant. 2-Acre to 3-Acre Lawn: Look for a mower with a 50-in to 54-in cut width. 1/2 acre to 1. 25 acres on a single charge. My new place's yard is about 3 acres pretty flat with more widely spread obstacles.

5 acres with a regular riding mower is a lot of seat time that would be borderline Which Lawn Mower is Best for Me? There are many factors that go into deciding what type of lawn mower is best for you- yard size, yard conditions, time, budget, cutting width, etc. Key features: It has a 382 cc OHV engine and provides clean performance. If finished grass on the 20, you'd be better off with a 6 foot commerical mower. Although it is primarily designed for residential customers with small to medium sized flat lawns, its hydrostatic transmission, and twin cylinder 20 horsepower engine with speeds up to 7 MPH, means it can also easily power through mowing chores on larger properties up to two acres. Mower Gang Reel Grass Yard Lawn Mower Hitch Assembly Golf Course Mows up to 100 inches wide, or you can raise the wings, or take off the wings and it will be 42" wide. Ride On Lawnmowers Buyers Guide. If you have a lawn that is 1-2 acres, anything above 40 inches and up to 50 inches will be a right fit. Edit. 3-gallon tank of fuel capacity with a fuel side window to check the levels of gas. 2 or more acres.

Larger mowers, thick or long vegetation, and wet grass will require more power. Refine Further: Craftsman 29900 30" 6-Speed Shift-on-the-Go Rear Engine Riding Mower w/ Mulch Kit (22) Sold by Sears. Mower manufacturers will recommend a specific tractor power requirement for their mowers. Generally speaking, ride-on mowers are ideal for properties that are ½ acre or more, but there are smaller models that can use in smaller yards as long as you have a gate that is wide enough to let the machine through. I have a 60", 25hp, Dixie chopper for 3. If I were doing 5 acres I would seriously consider a CUT with a bushhog. This lawn mower is ideal for a medium sized landscape. Have 4. This is the most common size deck. Lawn tractor: up to 2 acres.

Mowers Direct product experts offer tips on how to pick the perfect lawn tractor, including information about engines, horsepower, transmissions, deck size, and attachments. Power and mower size The tractor power needed is determined by the size of the mower, the type of mower, and heavy the grass is. If you have lawn up-to 2 acres or mower then it might not be an easy job to keep it in proper shape, lush, green and thicker look. IT will be tought to find a mower the proper size for 2. Obviously, the larger your lawn and garden, the larger tractor or mower you may want, and factors like inclines and awkward terrain may also affect your decision. I just have no idea where to start! Can anyone recommend a good mower for 2. Find a mower to keep your lawn in top shape, whether it's large or small. Keeping the mower garaged. Ride On mowers (also known as sit on mowers) are designed primarily for fast cutting of large lawns and grass areas. It’s the perfect battery-powered machine to cut up to two full acres of grass, and you’ll be amazed at the power and efficiency of this electric model.

Do not wimp out spending money on equipment. See below for how to decide whether a Push Mower or Riding Lawn Mower/Tractor is best for I'm on 3 plus acres and have been for 20 years. Steel deck is equipped with two precision cut steel blades. 75 Ah Battery Electric Zero Turn Mower. The mower also comes with a 54-inch cutting deck that is attached to a 10-year warranty. You’ll need a deck width around 42 – 46”. Attachments--such as a cart, an aerator or a sunshade--are also Gardena R80Li is designed to tackle lawn areas up to nearly . Yard Size. 20 acres. I am a lawn fanatic and have just under a 1/2 acre of lush green grass and this is the only mower that gives me the perfect manicured look every time.

Swisher ZTR2454BS Response Zero Turn Mower. 3-3. Best Riding Lawn Mowers For 2 Acres (Comparison) No lawns are exactly alike, but here are some general tips to help you find a mower that will work well for your lawn size: 3/4-Acre to 1-Acre Lawn: Look for a mower with a 30-in to 42-in cut width. 1/2 - 1 acre — For a lawn this size, you'll want a riding lawn mower with a cutting width of up to 42" and at least a 14 HP engine. Troy Bilt 382cc The Troy Bilt lawn mower has six different speed settings, with the maximum speed being 4. But if you have a lawn that is more than 2 acres, go for a 54-inch cutting deck mower. The agility of the Zoom 42 mower is also to be noted and the whole ride quality is very good and comfortable. It fits the criteria of the standard riding lawn mower with the size of a wide cut walk behind the mower. When full, it takes 7 reel mowers, 18 5/8" between the mount holes to where you attach the mower as shown in the photo. I have a 50" scag zero turn that's rated at 3.

Choose the size of your ride-on mower. 25-in. With a larger mower, you’ll spend a lot of time maneuvering into position and around tight corners. I've got an old Murray riding mower with a 42 deck, but I think it would take me all day to mow it with that thing. One of the most important specs on a mower is it's deck size. However, its large size makes it much harder to store when not in use. 5 acres – Again, you will want a Estimate how long it will take to mow a lawn given a mower size, speed, and lawn size. They mulch well and bag well. Rapid response control makes it very easy for me to control. To get the What Mower Deck Size for 2.

There are commercial mowers where you could also get a stand aboard platform for the 2 acres. Ask Your Question. The 54-inch deck is full enough to speed up my mowing process. Refine Further: Deck Width Yard Size (7) 2 or more acres Get around trees and obstacles with ease in a zero turn tractor or riding mower from I swear by my John Deere Tractor. There are lawn tractors and many different sizes of garden tractors, but the lawn tractor is the ideal choice for small acreages of up to 2 acres without many obstacles. riding mower features category-leading strength, comfort, and versatility. All rye pasture in the NW where it rains everyday. I mow around the house and shop (about 1-2 acres) with a 46" cut Murray and it takes me a couple of hours with all the trees. The field is about 11 acres. The rest is a mix of fir and maple trees other brush.

Choosing the Right Lawn Mower. The size of the ride-on mower relates to the size of mower's cutting deck. Matching the size of your mower to the amount of lawn you have to mow saves time and keeps you safe while mowing. ) It is not uncommon for a riding mower to last 20 if it is cared for and well maintained. Hopefully this would be frequent enough to get it back in shape. Even cuts the small alder seedlings up to and inch in diameter. For under $1,500 the Cub Cadet 42 in. Price is only one consideration when purchasing a lawn tractor. 1-Acre to 2-Acre Lawn: Look for a mower with a 42-in to 52-in cut width. While I'm in a different part of the country (upper Midwest) I mow my 5 acres with a Kubota B2150 compact tractor and a 6ft rear mower.

So far, this is the model I am considering for my Father. The durable 42 in. Reply Take into account your age and physical condition when choosing a mower. What size mower deck should I get? LAWN TRACTOR BUYER'S GUIDE: How to Pick the Perfect Riding Lawn Tractor Mower. For example, if you only have 1-2 acres, then you wouldn’t need to go all in on a Spartan SRT-HD or a Spartan SRT-XD with a 72” deck size. As far as the 20 acres, I'd go for at least a 7 footer and it's still goig to take sometime. 2 cm) in 0. For this size lawn you'll want a garden tractor with a 46" - 54" deck and an engine of 18 - 24 HP. 8 acres per hour. (24 minutes at 7 mph).

A riding mower is good for a yard a 1/2 acre or larger. Choosing the right commercial mower for your business? Use the Ferris Mowing Productivity Chart to determine acres per hour based on speed & mower width. To make sure you don’t spend too much time mowing your lawn, I would advise you to pick a lawn mower with a deck size of 42 inches or more, if your yard is around 1 acre. 5 acres – You can start thinking about a riding mower over 1/2 acre. One of the best riding lawn mowers you can buy today is the RYOBI 38-inch Electric Riding Lawn Mower. A self-propelled mower may be appropriate for even a very small yard if pushing a lawn mower is physically difficult. 3 Acres or more — If your estate is in this extra large lawn grouping, you are indeed fortunate. Your complete guide to finding the exact zero turn mower for your needs. 3/26/15 12:00pm the size of your lawn, level of terrain (flat or hilly), and the number and type of obstacles (trees, flower To me, though 10 acres is a a lot of property to cut with something smaller than 60". Some zero turn mowers have a deck size up to 100+ inches.

You need to make sure that the mower that you’re looking at will fit in the tight spaces in your yard and in your garage. (0. Mower is first rate, self-propelled, and amazingly durable. As a thumb rule, you can probably find a fairly decent older used gas tractor in this category in running order for approximately $2,000. Robotic Mower Quick Reference Comparison: With the release of the latest BigMow Lawn mower, lawn size is no longer a factor. AT 4 mph and a 60" cut, you can do 2. They are definitely an upgrade over a tractor in the speed and agility departments. We have selected top three so, you’ll be able to choose easily. I'm looking at all costs involved with buying a house on 2 acres and this was one area I need help with since Ive been in the same house for 14 yrs and have the same toro push mower. 46 inch, 2 bladed decks generally give you the best cut.

I've only owned 2 lawn tractors in those years and this second mower has been in use for the past 8 years. That equates to about 16 acres in an average 8 hour working day (20 acres at 7 mph). If your lawn is 1/2 to 2 acres, then a riding mower with a deck that is 42 to 48 inches wide would be appropriate. what size mower for 2 acres

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